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The Flonzie Brown "Goodloe" Wright Leadership Institute

Visions for the Flonzie Brown Goodloe Wright International Leadership Institute


The Flonzie Goodloe Wright Institute, hereafter referred to as the "Institute", will have as its primary goal the preservation as well as the creation of new and innovative projects and concepts to preserve and teach from a first hand perspective, the Canton/Mississippi Civil Rights History. Further, the Institute will engage in initiatives which will advance the cause of education whether to the youth or general community. To accomplish these goals the following themes will be taught and implemented:


  • Establishing a collaboration with various school districts, both city and county, for the express purpose of utilizing the untapped talents from that age and academic population;

  • To teach residents how to be engaged in gathering historical information through face to face interviews with community leaders and civil rights legends to solicit, chronicle and catalog their stories, either in audio, video, or in a digital format;

  • To schedule and execute regular forums with noted speakers, authors, and historians to acquaint, reacquaint and validate the accomplishments of those involved in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement;

  • To conduct motivational training to a core group of identified youth leaders and adults to equip and prepare them to share and chronicle their respective journey's;

  • To teach our youth in particular, about the consequences of certain personal decisions which could impact their lives with less than desirable outcomes, i.e., AIDS Awareness, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, promiscuity and other lifestyle behaviors and choices. 

  • To engage the Clergy in a Myriad of ways to re-enforce their responsibility in their involvement of addressing community issues and concerns;

  • To involve local as well as area elected officials to become partners and participants in the Institute;

  • To schedule Team Visits to local elementary, middle, and high schools as well as colleges and universities to establish and maintain a presence of constancy and consistency as we provide those missing educational links. Team members will be comprised of educators, clergy, business persons, parents and community activists; 

  • To teach the nuances of chronicling stories by assigning students the tasks of writing short stories about their ancestry. To further challenge them to learn the benefits of those life lessons and find creative means to share how their ancestors have impacted their lives. Finally, to develop ways by which those valuable lessons of ancestry, history can be established, maintained and shared;

  • To award scholarships to those who maintain a good attendance record as well as perform in an exemplary manner as set forth by the Institute.                       

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